Karibu! reviews......

Great menu in excellent V&A location
Restaurant is well located overlooking the V&A inner harbour, with seating inside and outside. Great African-themed menu with some unusual dishes like crocodile carpaccio.
  south african cuisine
If you're looking to experience some South African cuisine, Karibu is a must try. Overlooking the V&A waterfront, spectacular views. Lots of options and good recommendations by staff.
Great for South African Food!!
This restaurant is a good place to try if you want to experience some South African cuisine!!! It is easy to find down on the waterfront and has a wonderful view over looking the harbor! The waiter was attentive and service was prompt. We both shared a South African platter and loved it all! The meat was perfectly cooked and hot when it arrived! There is more on the menu than just local cuisine but when in Rome.....
In a dreary downpour, the only restaurant that had a table outside
I was looking forward to go to my usual restaurant at the waterfront. I always sit outside, because i smoke and I love being outdoors. It was raining, ALOT. This was the only place that made any effort outside. Umbrellas made a little roof and patio heaters made it cosy. Our food was good and so was the service.I will be returning.
excellent south african barbeque
Had an excellent Devil Peak, which is a sort of mixed grill. The boerwoere was probably the best service was ok and we had a couple of castle lagers which was great. Not bad for around 30 euros .
Great location, good food, excellent service
The beef curry may be a bit too overpowering for my taste, but the lamb ribs are incredible! Do not miss! Also the African cuisines are well priced and tasty! Big menu, lots of options, and an over the top wine selection!
Excellent food, service and views
I have eaten here twice now. Both experiences have been excellent. The restaurant serves South African cuisine and I tried different dishes both times. All were excellent and my guests were very pleased as well. The service is fantastic; two different waiters on the two occasions and both very attentive and friendly. As the restaurant is overlooking the harbour at the Waterfront and table mountain, the views are spectacular. Overall a fabulous experience and I will happily return time and again.
loved the safari platter
Authentic African cuisine on the menu and great wine recommendation! When we asked for a meat recommendation we were told to take the safari platter and it was really delicious and loads to eat. Friendly staff and a great location at the V&A Waterfront make it a definite "Go to" restaurant. Better book beforehand so you are not disappointed if you can't get a table for your dinner.
Great Food and Very Attentive Sommelier
This was the first place we ate at when at the V&A waterfront in the evening. I liked the idea of traditional south african dining. I was thinking Bobotie, but ended up having Crocodile Carpaccio and Ostrich Steak for main. The Ostrich steak I had with the traditional african sides, the names of which I forget, but they were a good combination. The thing that stood out was that the Sommellier spent a great deal of time with us and concinvced us to having a fizzy glass to start with, a bottle of white wine and a glass of red wine for me to finish. It was helpful to have so much help on selecting a good south african wine. We very much enjoyed our evening and our 8 year old daughter fell asleep. The restaurant enabled us to purchase one of their blankets to wrap her in to carry her back to the taxi with. Our daughter had already eaten earlier so did not have much at the restaurant.
great meal
We browsed around the waterfront before settling on Karibu. The tables were immaculately set, and we were quickly seated and asked if we wanted drinks. After ordering our food from the interesting menu, I opted for a rare filet steak with chakalaka and a side of spinach and potato. My wife had a starter - 3 different samosas with accompaniments -followed by ostrich as main. The samosa dish was excellent and very tasty. My rare filet steak was cooked perfectly and was very tender. It came with a creamy pepper sauce that enhanced the flavour. My wife's ostrich dish was similarly perfectly prepared and presented. The meal was washed down with a bottle of Cape Shiraz. My wife had a small dessert - Koesisters, followed by a cappuccino. The cost was just short of R900 for the both of us.
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